Recommended websites about jazz

Skip lightly over the sexist language at the start of this. It's actually a very good introduction to the many different styles of jazz. Recommended, apart from the first bit.
Rather a strange site, and you need to dig around to find the good stuff, but there is plenty of it. Try the Jazz History Map (timeline), for instance. Find it there Info > History/Styles
A bit American and modern-oriented but a very good resource with some fine articles. Look out for "The Many Faces of Jazz" HERE
A wonderful resource for .mp3 files of classic jazz - i.e. up to bebop but not much further.
Yet another American and modern-oriented site, but as it says, The Number One Jazz News Website since 2001.
The Lincoln Centre Jazz Academy YouTube Channel. This is the big one - you can spend days exploring this and all the other things that appear down the right-hand side. All good stuff, even if some of it is a bit talking heads. But not all of it. Strongly recommended!
A new discovery and an invaluable site: Jazz& aims to become a force for jazz by galvanising jazz fans everywhere into a fully fledged jazz revival by getting out and supporting their local clubs and established touring bands. Also by encouraging the newly emerging younger generation of jazz fans to swing along with happy jazz performed by recently launched younger bands and musicians.