Jack Parnell
Pete Allen

British Artists

Many British bandleaders have been regulars with their bands: Alan Elsdon, Pete Allen, Keith Nichols, Digby Fairweather, Harry Gold, Campbell Burnap, Roy Williams, Jack Parnell and Dave Shepherd have been just some of the names. Singers too - Elaine Delmar, Maxine Daniels, Claire Martin, Clare Teal, Lee Gibson, Stacey Kent - many of them picked up by recording companies who have recognised their talents.

Although mainly featuring small groups, occasionally bigger bands have come along, such as Echoes of Ellington, Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight, Ray Gelato and His Giants, Sax Appeal, and Paul Jones with Digby Fairweather'sHalf Dozen. (Digby himself is an honorary member and one of the supporters in the early days).