Hard Times

It wasn't easy. Funds ran very low. For the first few years we had a mix of local bands and others, mainly traditional, from the wider jazz scene. They included names revered in the jazz world but we couldn't find a big enough audience in Chelmsford for them.

The club struggled on from hand to mouth, helped by many jazzmen who gave their services for little reward. Our very first American Buddy Tate came to the club, and that led to our current chair Susan May becoming his agent.

Back in 1988 it was crunch time and the club was close to closing when we decided the only way out was to to aim high with a nationally known name from the UK jazz scene and hope for the best. Who better than Humph? So we scraped the cash together and, on 10th April 1988, the Humphrey Lyttelton Band appeared at the Chelmsford Jazz Club.

Humph being the man he was, there was some humour involved....

Buddy Tate