Harry Gold

The club has several honorary members. One of them, Harry Gold, who died in 2005 at the age of 98, did us the honour of becoming our first ever President. He took a great interest in the club, making the long journey from his North London home to attend the AGMs.

Only if the AGM happened to be near St. Patrick's Day did he excuse himself to meet relatives in Ireland and enjoy of a drop of Irish Whiskey in the land of its origin. Even then he sent a cassette recording of greetings and words of wisdom to the club and latterly, when too unwell to come, still sent word to us.

He decided to resign the presidency when unable to get about, ending a period we all regard with great affection. His autobiography ˜Gold, Dubloons and Pieces of Eight is a good read and a great history of British dance and jazz from before the last war to the beginning of this century. His 90th was celebrated at the club and then a few days later at the 100 Club in London. He approved our choice of Don Lusher as his successor. Our President is now the eminent British musician, Alan Barnes, who often appears at the club.

The photo shows a young Harry Gold with his Pieces of Eight in 1951

Harry Gold-1