Founded 1985

President: Alan Barnes

Honorary Members: Digby Fairweather, Derek Nash, Bobby Worth

Trustees of the Spike Robinson Scholarship

Charity No. 1053228

Committee Members:

Chair: Susan May-Robinson   Susan 1      emailEmail@

Treasurer &  Secretary: Steve Underwood    Steve 3       emailEmail@

Membership: Christine Adgo   Chris 2 & Chris 1       emailEmail@

Publicity: Jerry Storer

Newsletter & Raffle: Sally Leone

Webmaster: Ian Crisp  Ian 1       emailEmail@

Without Portfolio: Larry Newall-Smith


Cramphorn Theatre, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford CM1 1JG    01245 606505



Email the Committee:

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On March 18  we’ll be searching for Hope. Elmo Hope, that is. Book your tickets now!

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