August 2017 - Webmaster’s notes

A file of old CJC newsletters from 1985 to 2008 has come to light. They’ve all been scanned and added to a new Newsletter Archive section in the Members area,

With a few exceptions, our rule for listing other jazz venues and events is “an hour or so’s drive from Chelmsford and not inside the M25” - and certainly not into the middle of London. But we can’t ignore the 25th year of the London Jazz Festival. See the link below for all the details. BTW two of the artists - Henri Texier’s Hope Quartet and pianist Stefan Bollini will be at Saffron Hall on 19 November. I’ve got my ticket - see you there!

London Jazz Festival

It’s a new month, so we have a new Video Of The Month. As a general rule we’ll try to have some kind of a link between the VOTM and that month or the next month’s artist(s), but because we don’t have concerts in July and August, those months can be a bit different.

Click the little sax player at the top left, watch the video, then click the lady with the clipboard to tell us what you think about it.

When we’re next back at the Cramphorn (3rd September with Sara Dowling) we’ll be trying a new Queue Management System. When you come in off the street, collect a number card from near the Box Office window - there’ll be a committee member there for the first few times at least. Then you can sit or stand or move around as much as you like without “losing your place in the queue”. Just before the doors open we’ll call up the first ten numbers, then the next ten, and so on. Hand in your numbers as you go in so we can use them again next time... We hope this will reward early arrivers because they will still get first choice of seats, but they won’t have to stand in the queue for ages first. Don’t hesitate to let us know whether you think it’s an improvement or not!

I had a very good day at the Writtle Jazz & Blues Festival - more variety in the music than last year, and great to see so many younger (and young) people listening attentively and enjoying the music.

The October “Buster Plays Buster” concert involves film projection so for that one the tables will go and we will have theatre-style seating throughout. Back to normal with the tables after that!

You can hear my interview with Robert Jerome on his Chelmsford Community Radio “Late Night Swing & Show Tunes” show when it appears on catch-up here. It’s the Monday 14/08/17 edition. We did a good 15 minutes which is broken up into several sections throughout the show. We have hopes that this may lead to bigger things...

We’ve agreed 2018 dates with the Cramphorn Theatre. Generally we’re moving away from ‘first Sunday in the month’ towards ‘second Sunday’ because there are fewer competing events in the area.

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September’s coming soon.  The Chelmsford Theatres Box Office is now selling tickets for Sara Dowling and her Quartet on the 3rd. See you there!