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On April 15 it’s the Humphrey Lyttleton band with Tony Fisher on trumpet. Book your tickets now!

March 2018 - Webmaster’s notes

All editions of our radio show “Chelmer Jazz Time” can now be played from Interact>Media>Chelmer Jazz Time. That will stay until CCR get their Mixcloud catch-up service sorted out.

Great news that the Writtle Jazz Festival is on again this year. The website has changed and is now at <>. It’s running over three days and you can buy “Early Bird” tickets at reduced prices - I’ve got mine. This is a great thing for live jazz in Essex so please support the Writtle Jazz Festival!

After 20 years in the job, Larry Newall-Smith has decided it’s time to hand over the role of Membership Secretary to somebody else, although he’s staying on the Committee. And we have a new Committee Member Christine Adgo, who is taking over Membership.

As from 13 January the theatre Box Office is imposing a 1.50 “transaction fee” on all bookings  and for all methods of payment. This is a result of a change in the law about credit card fees - see here for a straightforward explanation. We don’t like it and the committee will be looking at whether there is anything we can do about it - and that seems to be writing to the City Council and to Vicky Ford (MP for Chelmsford) to point out that this change in the law aimed at big holiday operators etc. is badly affecting small organisations such as ourselves and the Chelmsford Theatres in ways that were never intended,

The March newsletter is now available online in the Members’ Area - along with all the newsletters from late 2015 onwards and most of them going right back to the start in the 1980s. They contain full reviews of old concerts! Jerry has a particularly long and detailed review of the Art Themen / John Etheridge concert - I think he must have really enjoyed that one!

Our new radio show Chelmer Jazz Time is going well. The fifth edition is due out on March 25 and later ones will be at 7pm on the fourth Sunday of every month. We’ll play requests - send them here: Requests

There are a lot of things on this site that we put in just to try out and see if they would work. It’s now time to start slimming down. The “Video of the Month” was a favourite idea but the response rate - never that high to start with - has fallen away month by month, which means it didn’t produce the information about likes and dislikes that we hoped for. So December 2017 was the last one, unless there are howls of protest and demands to bring it back.

On the other hand, online membership application is being used and seems to be appreciated, so that will stay. Thinking about adding a “Renew my Membership” function as well...

We’re planning some exciting things in 2018. The Sunday Cramphorn concerts will continue as before, but there will also be “Extra” concerts in evenings and in new venues, all aimed at raising the profile of the Club and of live jazz in Chelmsford, and bringing in the new audience that we need to keep the ticket sales rolling in so that we can keep bringing great jazz musicians to the city. We’re now very close to being in a position to tell you all about it...

For those who were unable to get to a concert or wanting a reminder, there are short video clips here.