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It’s time to book your tickets for Denise King on November 5th, featuring Winston Clifford on drums, John Pearce on piano, and Simon Woolf on bass, Musical fireworks in the Cramphorn are guaranteed!

October 2017 - Webmaster’s notes

From Sara Dowling’s September newsletter:

Highlights this month...

1. The wonderful crowd at Chelmsford Cramphorn Theatre (Special thanks to Susan May for booking me and Ian Crisp for hosting it)

That’s a nice thing to find in your inbox! Many thanks to Sara, and we look forward to bringing her back to Chelmsford next year.

Some big news here! We’re starting a brand new jazz programme on Chelmsford Community Radio - 104.4FM or listen online where you can also find catch-up. The first show will be from 7 - 8pm on Sunday 26th November, and same time on the fourth Sunday of every month from then on. This is a huge opportunity to raise the profile of the Club and of jazz generally in and around Chelmsford, so make a note in your diary to join Ian and some guests for the launch show. We’ll play requests - send them here: Requests

For those who were unable to get to a concert, there are short video clips here.

The idea of using numbers to replace the queue seemed to go down well at the first attempt, so we’re going to keep it. One suggestion was to have a “three-minute warning” before the doors actually open, and we’ll aim to do that in future.

It’s a new month, so we have a new Video Of The Month. This one has Sarah Vaughan and one of the all-time great standards - she was an inspiration for our November artist Denise King.

Click the little sax player at the top left, watch the video, then click the lady with the clipboard to tell us what you think about it.

We’ve agreed 2018 dates with the Cramphorn Theatre. Generally we’re moving away from ‘first Sunday in the month’ towards ‘second Sunday’ because there are fewer competing events in the area.

With a few exceptions, our rule for listing other jazz venues and events is “an hour or so’s drive from Chelmsford and not inside the M25” - and certainly not into the middle of London. But we can’t ignore the 25th year of the London Jazz Festival. See the link below for all the details.

London Jazz Festival

On the subject of festivals, the Swanage Jazz Festival down in Dorset where I come from has been an important part of the British jazz calendar for many years. But the people who’ve done such a good job of developing it aren’t getting any younger, and it’s now grown big enough that the VAT implications are huge and potentially fatal. Basically, if nothing remarkable happens, 2017 will have been the last one.  No-one who loves live jazz can be happy about that. And something remarkable is happening - guitarist Nigel Price has become the new director and with great energy has set about raising the money needed for 2018 and with luck, beyond. Follow the links below and if you possibly can, do something to help through Kickstarter. If Nigel can make 2018 happen I’ll be there July 13 - 16 next year. Let’s come together on this: Chelmsford Backs Swanage!

Nigel Price interview in London Jazz News      Save Swanage Jazz Festival on Kickstarter (donations)

Swanage Jazz Festival 1990-2017                            Swanage Jazz Festival 2018

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