First is a video of Scott in France. This rhythm section has much the same feel as his regular British trio of John Pearce, Dave Green, and Steve Brown. Second is a livelier and slightly Latin piece from Scott in Barcelona:

Finally, a lovely performance of “Flamingo” with John, Dave, and Steve - the band he’s brought to Chelmsford several times now:

Two very different performances from the Clark Tracey Quintet here - almost exactly the same band that he brought to Chelmsford, but we had a different trumpet / flugelhorn player.

Scott Hamilton’s website:

Scott Hamilton

British-born clarinettist Pete Neighbour plays swing-era clarinet for the 21st century and takes it all over the world:

Clark Tracey’s website:

Clark Tracey

Pete Neighbour’s website:

Pete Neighbour

Picante is a Latin-jazz band led by saxophonist Derek Nash. This is the only video we could find and it shows the same personnel we had at Chelmsford:

Rossano Sportiello plays stride-era piano (mainly) in a trio and solo:

Derek Nash

Picante doesn’t have a site of its own but here’s Derek Nash’s site:

Rossano Sportiello

Rossano Sportiello’s website:

Later 2017 Previews

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