Long ago in a distant time, there were hardly any female jazz musicians outside “all-girl” acts. Times have changed for the better and there are lots of good lady saxophone players around and Allison is one of the best. The drummer in the first video is CJC’ regular Steve Brown - pity you can’t see him through either  his ride cymbal or the lid of the piano. The second is a more up-tempo piece.

Allison Neale’s website:

Sara Dowling is a fine singer with a big future ahead of her. Two very different performances here, plus a track from Vasilis Xenopoulos who will be accompanying Sara in Chelmsford.

Allison Neale
Sara Dowling

Sara Dowling’s website:

Vasilis Xenopoulos

Vasilis Xenopoulos’s website:

Denise King is a jazz singer in the tradition of Nina SImone, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald. Two fine performances to whet your interest here:


Denise King’s website:

Earlier 2017 Previews


Buster Plays Buster website:

Buster Keaton

Buster Birch’s website:

Buster Plays Buster is a show by London jazz drummer Buster Birch that debuted in March 2011 and involves The Buster Birch Quartet performing jazz standards live to the screening of a Buster Keaton classic silent movie.

Buster Birch studied at the Drummers Collective in New York City and privately with Jim Chapin and Joe Morello. Those are big names in the drumming world...

A famous moment from Steamboat Bill Jr:

tenor sax player

Alan Barnes’s website:

trumpet player

Bruce Adams’s website:

Multi-instrumentalist Alan Barnes is also our President, so it’s about time we had him back again! Always good value in any context, this time he’s teamed up with Glasgow-burn trumpet and flugelhorn player Bruce Adams. The two of them together are sure to bring some entertainment as well as fine music to the December concert, which will also feature Honorary Member Bobby Worth on the drums. And the cymbals...

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