Nicola Farnon is a singer and propulsive bass player whose Trio was a big success at the 2017 Writtle Jazz & Blues Festival. “We were like putty in her hands. She has the unique talent to make it appear that each song that she sings is just for you, and that it is the very first time that she has ever sung it. She is the ultimate professional, with a charismatic personality that is rare in all but the top artists.”

Nicola Farnon’s website:

Allison Neale
Sara Dowling

Sara Dowling’s website:

Sara made a huge impression in September 2017 with a programme mainly of Cole Porter songs. We’re delighted to welcome her back in 2018. Here are two very different sides of her talent:

C H E L M S F O R D   J A Z Z   C L U B

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