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Barnes Adams-Dec

Alan Barnes plays music that was radical 50 years ago - hard, urban post-bop - but he infuses it with so much passion and energy you could believe it was minted on the spot, which is always part of the story with jazz.

Barnes plays all the saxophones plus clarinet and bass clarinet. He has a wonderful capacity for suggesting a given style without actually imitating anyone. Johnny Hodges, for instance, is a great favourite with Barnes and he could, presumably, produce a near-perfect facsimile if asked. But what he actually does is to drop a series of feathery, soft-tongued notes in the Hodges manner as a discreet reference and leave it at that. The rest of the solo will be pure Alan Barnes. The ability to inhabit a style in this way, to include it as an active ingredient in one’s own playing, is a rare, valuable and largely unrecognized gift.

Dave Gelly, Masters Of The Jazz Saxophone

Not only is Bruce Adams one of the jazz scene’s most dramatic and stimulating performers, he is also a tremendously affable companion. A band-room with the Glaswegian Mr. Adams present is a happy and riotous place. His stream of jokes, anecdotes, and hilarious observations reflect an early immersion in show-biz, and a keen eye and ear for the many quirks of human nature.
His stories are populated by a sort of Scottish-Runyonesque cast of characters, some of them  long-gone pals of his father and uncle, who were both professional musicians.

Bruce Adams has often worked as a special guest soloist with both the Scottish Radio Orchestra and the BBC Big Band. His long-running musical partnership with saxophonist Alan Barnes has produ ced many plaudits and acclaimed recordings.

The two horn men have been popular sparring partners on the jazz scene for many years

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